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Trustee's Unlikely to Administer IRS Rebate Checks

The following guidance has been posted by the United States Trustee in respect to the treatment of the IR rebate checks. The federal government will soon begin issuing recovery rebates to qualified individuals under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and E… Read More
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PPP Funds Replenished

FactorLaw previously reported on the trials and tribulations of small businesses trying to stay afloat by accessing (or not being able to access) funds from the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). We are pleased to note that this afternoon, President T… Read More
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Are CARES Act Payments Exempt ?

Under the heading of “one hand giveth and one hand taketh away”, attorneys have mused about the possibility that creditors could garnish payments to individuals and corporations that receive benefits under the CARES Act. This concern is p… Read More
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