Merchant Cash Advances and Covid-19 - A Double Whammy.

Businesses that have obtained financing through Merchant Cash Advances, and that have been shuttered by the Covid-19 pandemic, may be hit with a double-whammy -- reduced cash flow to pay critical expenses (e.g., payroll) and aggressive collection efforts from cash hungry merchant cash lenders. This phenomenon is discussed in a recent article from NBC News:

Businesses struggling with Merchant Cash Advances may be able to benefit from the expedited Chapter 11 processes available under the recently enacted Small Business Restructuring Act (a "Subchapter 5" filing). FactorLaw has previously reported how a Subchapter 5 filing can be used by small businesses dealing with financial distress.

FactorLaw attorneys are available to discuss how the SBRA can help businesses deal with Merchant Cash Advance issues.