Bill Factor and team helped me through a long and complex case and I can't say enough about how they were there for our family throughout this case. High competency and empathy and fair priced. I recommend them to anyone going through this.

– Jim E.

This law firm is amazing, they worked with me and did the up most amazing work for me. They even got me the money from a company who how has closed the business. I would definitely recommend this company to all my friends and family. Thank you again Law Office of William J. Factor, LTD.

– Robin R.

Bill Factor and team helped me through a long and complex case and I can't say enough about how they were there for our family throughout this case. High competency and empathy and fair priced. I recommend them to anyone going through this.

– Anonymous
Probably the nicest and most understanding attorney I've ever met.
– Kostas G.
June 19th 2018 Mr. Factor and his staff worked tirelessly and sacrificially to help our non-profit navigate the mires of legal proceedings of fraud against the organization and subsequently, bankruptcy. Throughout the years of representation, Mr. Factor has shown time and time again sensitivity and commitment to the cause and mission of the organization, while juggling all the legalities in our complex case. Our case is dismissed with the Corporation intact, albeit a little shaken.

January 18, 2016

The best decision we ever made was retaining the Law Firm of William Factor to represent us in a very complicated Ch. 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization. He was with us every step of the way. His courtesy and consideration and timely and thoughtful responses to our questions were remarkable. He has a brilliant legal mind for analysis and always provided excellent legal advice and alternative choices where appropriate. Handling an unrelated matter, we were extremely impressed with his general litigation staff. The result was excellent. Highly recommended.

– Steve from DuPage County

June 19, 2018

Factor Law gave me options in my bankruptcy case including some very complex and technical issues. Bill and his team were tenacious, knowledgeable and compassionate throughout the process. He was the right choice from the first meeting!

Great lawyer. Extremely knowledgeable in the legal and practical aspects of the law and the situation. Bill was most interested in resolving the problem rather than litigating the matters and making representation more costly. A true advocate and great professional. The best lawyer I have used.

– Dave from Lake County

Before I received legal services from Attorney Jeffrey Paulsen, I was overwhelmed in my attempt to understand my bankruptcy legal problem and how to properly address it in the court's procedures.

Working with Attorney Jeffrey Paulsen, Factor Law Firm, brought clarity to my legal problem and the legal direction in taking it to court. My bankruptcy legal problems were endless with procedures and complications that I could not handle by myself. Attorney Paulsen’s expertise brought me confidence that he knew the best approach in taking my case to court to be resolve. He narrowed my legal problems with a clear and precise approach. He listened to all my concerns and understood what need to be done, and he fought for me and won my case.

Attorney Paulsen represented me in a complicated bankruptcy case. He is a very smart and compassionate bankruptcy attorney who is an expert with his cases. He was always available on the phone and via email in responding to my queries promptly as my case went on. Above all, he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients and their legal situation. He brought clarity and always kept me updated with progress of my case. He is worthy of ten stars. He is a knowledge and skillfully professional and someone who will fight for you.

Attorney Jeffrey Paulsen has successfully brought me a better life from the successful results of my case, and I am so thankful for that date he became my attorney. I highly recommend Attorney Jeffery Paulsen.

– Diahann, Cook County, Illinois

Prior to working with FactorLaw, I lived in fear of the phone ringing. Now we no longer have creditors hounding us every moment of the day and I can breathe easier. My experience with FactorLaw has brought complete peace and relaxation into my life. It's been absolutely great.

– Michael from Cook County

Before working with Factor Law we were struggling to pay our monthly bills. Ariane was patient and kind. Now we have less bills…and less stress! With all the medical bills and credit card bills out of the way it is easier to live.

– Rose from Cook County

I would like to share my experience with Factor Law. During a very difficult time for our church, we were able to contact Factor Law to help us with some legal issues that we had. Factor Law, without hesitation, provided us with counsel and advise for reaching a resolution to our situation. Our assigned legal professional handled the case with expertise and class. I would recommend Factor Law to anyone in need of legal services.

– Bishop Derrick M. Fitzpatrick

Due to drastic income changes due to an illness and being newly divorced I couldn't keep up with my financial situation. I had creditors constantly calling me and I felt helpless and hopeless. I had no choice but to file bankruptcy. Ariane helped me gather all of the necessary information and made me realize bankruptcy was the best choice for me. Ariane's professional and knowledgeable guidance was most helpful. Filing for bankruptcy has allowed me to move forward without losing everything and to help me plan differently for my future.

Financial difficulties are very stressful. The first step was to realize I couldn't do it alone. I am grateful that I found Ariane to make my life a lot better.”

– Alicia from Cook County

I had consulted with 2 bankruptcy attorneys prior to finding Ariane. It was clear that the only thing they wanted was for me to sign on with them with little in return for my money. In both cases I felt as if I was being dismissed in my concerns of not losing my home which was a top priority for me. I was told there would be no way possible to keep my home and it would have to be sold to settle my debts.

It was one of the most fortunate days in my life when I met Ariane. I immediately knew she would be able to help with my situation. I carried a high amount of debt that I had accumulated over a number of years. Also, it was not a typical bankruptcy as there was one significant problem I was dealing with that was out of state. Even though she could not advise on the out of state issue she still had to work around it in order to meet our objectives. She not only met those objectives but exceeded them as well. The result of her efforts allowed me to keep my home and set up an amount to paid to the trustee that is affordable. That was a very involved process where we spent a considerable amount of time in developing a plan. With Ariane's expertise we were able to make it work.

It is not the best but it is a hundred times better than it was. The amount of debt I carried for years was so stressful and depressing it was difficult to enjoy life. Even though it will still take me a couple of years to get completely back on track I feel as if a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

I don't think another attorney could do what Ariane did. Not only did she prove herself to be a very competent attorney, she was also a very understanding and compassionate person. It was as if sometimes she could feel my pain. That meant more to me than she will ever know.

– Christine from Cook County

I am a single mom with two kids who put herself through college. I was not able to work much while I was obtaining my bachelor’s degree so I lived on student loans and credit cards hoping to pay them off once I finished. I had been trying to pay them off for years.

When I went to Ariane I was at my lowest point financially. I kept trying to make my mortgage payments and trying to keep up with all the credit card payments. Two years ago a few of my credit cards increased my interest rate by double and they stated they could not help me. My mortgage company would not help me either. My work hours got cut due to the recession and I was trying very hard to pay everyone. I did contemplate bankruptcy and it was a really hard choice but a choice I had to make.

Ariane has been very professional and did not judge me for my situation. She helped me though every step of the way. I never felt that I was in this alone. She is always available to answer questions and ease concerns. She has been wonderful to work with and would recommend her highly to anyone.

I always thought of bankruptcy as a very last resort. It was hard to make that choice but I now feel that I am on my way to making a fresh start. I am able to enjoy my family and not be so stressed about life. My situation is so improved now thanks to Ariane.

– Mari from Cook County

My husband and I are a typical middle-class family living in the suburbs with our children. We are both professionals in the workforce although I had been unable to work for 2 years preceding our financial difficulties due to medical issues and numerous surgeries. Our medical bills began to pile up and our costs for medical care increased with every additional surgery. We paid what medical and credit card bills we could during this time. We were being sent to collection agencies for unpaid medical bills. The finances were so overwhelming, that we weren’t able to pay any credit card bills at all and eventually our credit accounts were forwarded to attorney offices for collection. We would get twenty to thirty calls a day from people wanting to collect from us. Our kids even started to ask why our phone rang constantly and what did these people want. The stress of it all was overwhelming. Our credit rating was dropping quickly as time went on. We had already done a loan modification for the upside down mortgage on our home. We were trying so hard to keep our home and what finances we had together. We realized that by only making small payments to so many different creditors, we would be unable to pay off all the debt we had…probably ever. Bankruptcy came to mind as our last resort. We were trying to do everything we could not to lose our home in the process, and wondered how we were going to support or family for the years going forward with no credit and so much debt. We started to seek out bankruptcy attorneys to gather information about our options.

We had gone to see several different bankruptcy attorneys before choosing Arianne. The other attorneys we saw made us feel that our situation was hopeless. We were told that we could try and file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but were assured that we would end up with a significantly large monthly payment in the end because we had a moderately high income. Then we found Ariane Holtschlag.

When we met Arianne, she was very confident, yet professional and not intimidating. She made us feel at ease with her demeanor, and listened to our story. She told us that in our case it would be difficult to prove that we were unable to pay all of our debt because of our income, but definitely not impossible at all. Speaking with Ariane was a breath of fresh air. She was very knowledgeable of the law, bankruptcy pros and cons, and how this could and would affect our future. Finally, someone who could help me stay calm, direct, and reassure us throughout this anxiety provoking situation!

Now that our case is over we are much more relaxed in living our life and managing our finances. We were able to start fresh again, pay all of our bills on time and put a little bit of money away to save every month. Our payment to the Trustee is affordable and where Ariane told us it would be. We pay our utility bills, mortgage, and Trustee payment. No more worrying about paying a bunch of different creditors.

Our family is smiling again, the kids are more relaxed and able to enjoy some extracurricular sport activities again, and our house is peaceful without the constant phone ringing. Ariane was such a big help to us and we were so fortunate to have found her to handle our case!

– Anonymous from Cook County

“We were drowning in a sea of debt and didn’t realize it. We knew there was no way of paying it. It was very frightening. My attorney at Factor Law just took over and explained everything; it was such a secure feeling. She was so kind and caring and totally on top of it! Now, the weight of all that debt is off our shoulders and we are spending money very wisely…each day is a joy. We can’t thank Factor Law enough.”

– Sharon from Cook County

I was in way over my head. I was over $60k in debt with credit cards, medical bills and a repossessed vehicle. Needless to say, I needed a lot of help. I was drowning everyday.

Factor Law was outstanding, professional and 100% worth it. The employees, lawyers and overall firm in general made me feel safe and helped me through everything. They were so patient and walked me through everything.

Now, I am out of debt and I can now manage my money and budget better because of the knowledge they helped me gain through the online course and their professional staff. I am debt free and no longer feel like I have a huge negative sign over my head. I feel so relieved.

– Nicole from Kane County

Before working with Ariane I had a hard time paying my bills and when I did pay my bills I didn’t have any money left for food, etc. or any savings. Now, I can afford things and have money to put into a savings account. I am not as stressed every time it is time to pay my bills. I am able to finally save a little and pay cash if I need anything.

– Mary from Cook County

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