Glenview IL Bankruptcy Attorneys

Facing Foreclosure on Home? Repossession of Your Automobile? If you have problems with your credit cards, medical bills, or tax issues, we have solutions that can help. Call our Glenview, IL bankruptcy attorneys at (312) 878-4830 to schedule your free initial consultation.

Our Glenview Bankruptcy Services

Our Glenview, IL bankruptcy attorneys can help you file for personal bankruptcy. There are two main types of bankruptcy:

Glenview Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also called a debt consolidation or debt reorganization. This type of bankruptcy is often a good choice for those that facing a foreclosure on their home. If you have questions about filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Cook County, Illinois, contact us for a free initial consultation at 312-878-6976.

Glenview Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is designed to eliminate "unsecured debts" such as credit cards, medical bills and signature loans. If you are under a crushing amount of debt and have no means of paying it back, Chapter 7 could allow you to eliminate your excess debts and gain a fresh start. Speak with one of our Illinois bankruptcy attorneys to discuss your options. Call us at 312-878-6976 to schedule your no obligation consultation.