Christine from Cook County

I had consulted with 2 bankruptcy attorneys prior to finding Ariane. It was clear that the only thing they wanted was for me to sign on with them with little in return for my money. In both cases I felt as if I was being dismissed in my concerns of not losing my home which was a top priority for me. I was told there would be no way possible to keep my home and it would have to be sold to settle my debts.

It was one of the most fortunate days in my life when I met Ariane. I immediately knew she would be able to help with my situation. I carried a high amount of debt that I had accumulated over a number of years. Also, it was not a typical bankruptcy as there was one significant problem I was dealing with that was out of state. Even though she could not advise on the out of state issue she still had to work around it in order to meet our objectives. She not only met those objectives but exceeded them as well. The result of her efforts allowed me to keep my home and set up an amount to paid to the trustee that is affordable. That was a very involved process where we spent a considerable amount of time in developing a plan. With Ariane's expertise we were able to make it work.

It is not the best but it is a hundred times better than it was. The amount of debt I carried for years was so stressful and depressing it was difficult to enjoy life. Even though it will still take me a couple of years to get completely back on track I feel as if a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

I don't think another attorney could do what Ariane did. Not only did she prove herself to be a very competent attorney, she was also a very understanding and compassionate person. It was as if sometimes she could feel my pain. That meant more to me than she will ever know.