Diahann, Cook County, Illinois

Before I received legal services from Attorney Jeffrey Paulsen, I was overwhelmed in my attempt to understand my bankruptcy legal problem and how to properly address it in the court's procedures.

Working with Attorney Jeffrey Paulsen, Factor Law Firm, brought clarity to my legal problem and the legal direction in taking it to court. My bankruptcy legal problems were endless with procedures and complications that I could not handle by myself. Attorney Paulsen’s expertise brought me confidence that he knew the best approach in taking my case to court to be resolve. He narrowed my legal problems with a clear and precise approach. He listened to all my concerns and understood what need to be done, and he fought for me and won my case.

Attorney Paulsen represented me in a complicated bankruptcy case. He is a very smart and compassionate bankruptcy attorney who is an expert with his cases. He was always available on the phone and via email in responding to my queries promptly as my case went on. Above all, he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients and their legal situation. He brought clarity and always kept me updated with progress of my case. He is worthy of ten stars. He is a knowledge and skillfully professional and someone who will fight for you.

Attorney Jeffrey Paulsen has successfully brought me a better life from the successful results of my case, and I am so thankful for that date he became my attorney. I highly recommend Attorney Jeffery Paulsen.