Mari from Cook County

I am a single mom with two kids who put herself through college. I was not able to work much while I was obtaining my bachelor’s degree so I lived on student loans and credit cards hoping to pay them off once I finished. I had been trying to pay them off for years.

When I went to Ariane I was at my lowest point financially. I kept trying to make my mortgage payments and trying to keep up with all the credit card payments. Two years ago a few of my credit cards increased my interest rate by double and they stated they could not help me. My mortgage company would not help me either. My work hours got cut due to the recession and I was trying very hard to pay everyone. I did contemplate bankruptcy and it was a really hard choice but a choice I had to make.

Ariane has been very professional and did not judge me for my situation. She helped me though every step of the way. I never felt that I was in this alone. She is always available to answer questions and ease concerns. She has been wonderful to work with and would recommend her highly to anyone.

I always thought of bankruptcy as a very last resort. It was hard to make that choice but I now feel that I am on my way to making a fresh start. I am able to enjoy my family and not be so stressed about life. My situation is so improved now thanks to Ariane.